Im a first time mom and throughout my entire pregnancy Dr Niku has been very kind and informative. He has answered any questions and concerns I had and made me feel comfortable. I would recommend Dr Niku because when it came down to pushing time he was very calm and encouraging. Being my first time having a child it made my delivery experience positive. Thanks Dr Niku for delivering my healthy baby!

– Kylie V.

He is always so wonderful and extremely helpful! Love Dr. Niku!!

– Jillian T.

Great and professional service

– Anastasiia M.


– Mehrnaz S.

Outstanding!!! Explanations were informed and easy to comprehend. I feel like I had his full attention.

– Francine B.

Ah where to begin about Dr. Niku!… Ok so my husband and I had interviewed 4or5 Obgyns before choosing ours which explains how picky we were with that. In my 2nd trimester we learned that my Dr., who we love and felt super safe with, was going to be having his 1st baby the same week as me. I literally cried twice during my pregnancy, once when I learned there was a chance he may not deliver my baby and another time when I found out he definitely wasn’t going to deliver my baby. I had asked to meet the backup doctor about a month before my due date so that I could feel more comfortable and at ease, but most of all to make sure I liked him! That was Dr. Niku. My husband and I did indeed thankfully take a liking to him right away which was already a bit of a relief for me. I had a visit with Dr. Niku the day before my due date and his concern with the lack of fetal movement started to make me pay closer attention to something I didn’t realize was an issue. I monitored my baby’s movement that same night and it took me about 20 minutes to get him to move with music, bright lights and more. I reached out to Dr. Niku the next morning on my due date regarding the continuous lack of movement, and he had me go to the hospital to get the baby’s heart rate checked out. Sure enough we found out that his heart rate decreased with each contraction, even with the early ones that I couldn’t even feel. The nurses immediately suggested a c-section delivery. We expressed to Dr. Niku how adamant we were about doing everything possible to try to have a vaginal birth no master what it took. He respected and listened closely to our wishes. 27 hours later, after plenty of check ins by Dr. Niku while being very present and involved (even though he simultaneously had his own patients plus more of my doctor’s patients to attend to), and after his 3 different attempts that got me to a 6cm dilation, we had done everything we possibly could and at this point had no choice but to make sure the baby would be born safely as his heart rate kept dropping with my contractions. After enough scares and as many attempts as possible, we had to go with an emergency c-section. At this point we felt safe in Dr. Niku’s hands and knew he would do the best job possible, especially because he is also a surgeon. I put myself, my body and our baby’s life in his hands. Everything went smoothly, he even told me I have a heart shaped uterus which only he could see. Our baby is safe and healthy and I have been healing quicker than the expected time. I am less than 3 weeks post surgery and am already very close to being fully healed. We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Niku hands down without a doubt! Every time I have called his office asking for him, whether he was there or not, he returned my calls as soon as he could. His attentiveness and care, along with his adorable and warm personality have made mine and my husbands birth and postpartum experience better and easier to get through. He made us feel super comfortable with him from beginning to end. I will now be going back to my original Dr. but we will for sure miss Dr. Niku and hope to cross paths with him again. We believe it was meant to be and HE was specifically meant to deliver our angel baby boy. Thank you sincerely and dearly Dr. Niku! We are grateful for you. Love, The Gallos <3

– Jess G.

I just recently came back from my first visit with Dr. Niku and it was great! He took the time to talk and get to me a little, he was not pushy in any way and made me feel very comfortable! I am happy to be one of his patients!

– Glenda G.

Dr. Niku was one of the friendliest and genuine doctors I have met! I have been looking for OBGYN since moving to LA and after my first time seeing Dr. Niku my search is over. He took the time to get to know before going in to the exam room, which I found to be very comforting. If you are looking for an OBGYN, i recommend Dr. Niku.

– Elizabeth G.

Extremely good experience. After over 35 years with the same doctor, who has now retired, it was scary to start over. Dr Niku made me feel very comfortable.

– Julie P.