Pregnancy – Are you ready?

Pregnancy is remarkable!
But how can I understand the ebbs and flows of pregnancy?

I am neither a father nor a woman to understand the demands of pregnancy from every perspective. But experience as an OBGYN has taught me the finer details.

The first factor that we need to consider is:

Are you ready? Is your partner ready?

These questions are often overlooked or disregarded. Pregnancy is a marathon that demands the sacrifice of the individual’s time, body, patience, and mind. In the United States, half of the documented pregnancies (about 5-6 million per year) are unintended pregnancies. That is a large number!

When the time comes to commit to this wonderful adventure, the next thing that I challenge you, the patient, is: have you gathered all the resources and tools you need to proceed with the pregnancy?

This includes:

You are the owner of this adventure, and you can dictate the path. Physicians, midwives, office staff, hospitals, and consultants are navigational/GPS tools to give you the direction and recommendations you need. Trust that each will give you the best advice they can, know that bumps (literally and figuratively) can be experienced.

It’s ok to be anxious, scared, and overwhelmed during this time. You are about to become a mother and family, after all! Know that it’s a near 40-week commitment to pregnancy, but a whole life as head of a family.

Always remember that as a Doctor I can make myself available to you, so don’t hesitate in asking questions in the comments below.

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